Saturday, June 28, 2014

The truth is not inthe number of years for cancer patients

Last week a friend  announced rather publicly on Facebook that she was celebrating 34 years since her cancer diagnosis. I think I have mentioned her in posts previously. My first cancer's diagnosis is 33 years in August. The difference is she was stage IV ovarian cancer in 1980. I was stage I thyroid cancer in 1981. But am only at 7 years out from my more troublesome stage II breast cancer.

At first glance those number seem good. I mean we are still here. But they don't talk about the stress and the emotions behind it. We now have had years to learn to deal with it. By now being more open about celebrating, it is clear we are both doing that.

She has clearly defied the odds. But the numbers do not tell the tale of the life behind it.So we are still here but the truth is not in the numbers.

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