Thursday, June 26, 2014

Better than a sharp stick in the eye

Or whatever that saying is. This morning I am off to another medical adventure. I love these medical adventures that involve needles first thing in the morning. Well its not first thing first thing. I get breakfast first after sleeping in a little bit.

The reason I am having this is because I have a bony growth on my neck between C4 and C5. As a result I have a pain in my neck and problems with my shoulders and top half of my arms. It lines up exactly with this picture below.

I don't have pain in my arms and shoulders but they don't seem to work always and are uncomfortable. So after discovering this new issue which is life long, not curable by surgery, but only treatable for the symptoms. So I am off to have this wonderful procedure this morning.

I can't wait. It sounds like so much fun.I even watched the video after convincing myself it was okay. But then I'll lie around and be justifiably lazy for the rest of the day.

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