Tuesday, June 10, 2014

They could have asked me

Here's a new study (because we always need new studies to keep those researchers busy) on the differing toxicities of chemo regimens given to early stage breast cancer patients. I had the combination known as AC+T which is Adriamycin and Cytoxin for four infusions followed by 12 weekly doses of Taxol. The Taxol was given in twelve separate doses to reduce side effects.

Based on this research, this combination has the highest rate of hospitalizations for patients receiving one of the protocols. Reasons for hospitalizations ranged from neutropenia (low white blood counts), fever, infection, low platelets, dehydration and delirium. I got neutropenia after the second AC infusion and ended up in the hospital for five days on antibiotics. I then had to take preventative antibiotics with the remaining AC infusions.

The study is a retrospective one where they look at the data from patients over a period time. The patients were not screened beforehand so other issues could be factors in their hospitalizations.

But they could have just asked me. I would have told them.

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