Saturday, June 21, 2014

About all that research

We hear about new research again and again and again. We hear it is progress. We hear people hail it as the latest and greatest. But what does it all really mean? Sometimes I get frustrated by all the so called progress that never seems to help me... And then how often do the researchers stop and ask the people with the ailment what they think of the progress? I am not sure. The pharma companies always say its progress because it helps fatten their bottom line and they can feel good about helping more people. But what about us? I do know that the DOD has a program where their cancer research programs include consumers - meaning those who have had the ailment - as part of their proposal review program. But do others? I never know. I wish it was part of the information provided when results are revealed - that others who had the ailment can see the potential benefit by the progress as opposed to someone looking at a bottom line. I think I have been disappointed too many times by clinical trials for which I am not eligible and then research that doesn't help me. I do mean I get advice on what to eat, drink, do (or to avoid) but I am still waiting for that magic pill that improves my quality of life. I would like more research to ask those who benefit from it what they really want.

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