Sunday, June 15, 2014

Red meat, too? Really?

No more steak??? Bummer. Not that we eat that much red meat but I can appreciate a really good steak and sometimes a juicy burger. But really? Living under a rock doesn't work either because of radon as someone commented here recently.

So how much do all these cancer risk factors really matter after all. We have the things we can't affect for any ailment. In the case of beast cancer, we have things we can't change like genetics, family history, child birth, aging, dense breasts, etc. Then there are the things we supposedly can change such as obesity, alcohol use, tobacco (a whole other kettle of fish, so to say in the cancer world), exercise, steak (now), breathing, BPA, blah, blah, blah... but if we have all the primary risk factors we can't change, how much can our diets and lifestyles really make a difference?

Yes we cab be healthier and make better choices for our bodies, but if the main factors can't be changed how much does it matter if we do? And the statistics can be hard to decipher.

Red meat consumption can raise a risk factor I think 13% for each serving per week. That doesn't mean that if your risk is 10% over your lifetime of getting breast cancer, it doesn't mean that a steak a week puts you at 23%,  or 11.3% etc., it probably means 10.13%, if that much.

I am ready to give up on all this risk factor business now because I can't figure out where I can hide from it all either...

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