Monday, June 30, 2014

And how was your weekend?

Sometimes I don't blog about breast cancer but just about life. This is one of those times. My husband and I are convinced that the planets are in retrograde or something or there is a cloud of doom over our heads.

Saturday we went to the beach with my sister, brother in law, brother, niece and nephew. We had a nice big cooler with wheels that my nephew and brother were dragging down the beach. It was packed to the brim with water bottles, cans of seltzer and ginger ale, cut up fruit, ice, and Italian ices in individual cups. At one point my brother picked up the cooler and carried it on his shoulder over the soft sand. He went to put it down and..... dropped it right in front of the life guard chair.

We scrambled and put everything back in. So now there was ample sand included all over everything. We enjoyed the beach, consumed much of the cooler contents, headed out to dinner and then home. The cooler went into the kitchen where I started cleaning the sand off everything. Then I found that one of the Italian ices, a blue one to be precise, had melted and leaked 3/4s of its contents all over the inside of the cooler. So now everything was covered with blue, sticky, sugary, sandy water.

I took everything out of the cooler and I went to dump the cooler in the driveway and spray it out with the hose next to the front door. My husband, unbeknownst to me, had started the sprinkler on the front lawn and I couldn't get outside without getting soaked. I turned around and headed to the bathtub.

And dropped the open cooler in the front hall with its blue, sticky, sugary, sandy water all soaked into the 100% wool carpet runner. It was sloshing around.

I grabbed towels and started cleaning. My husband came down and helped. The carpet and the sandy, sticky, sugary, blue inside cooler went out on the porch for the night. I put it on the top of the car in the sun and sprayed it with water yesterday so I hope it doesn't become an ant magnet with the blue sugary, sticky water. It is continues to dry in the basement. That was plenty to clean up and still more to do.

Then this morning...

I was sitting on the bed next to my husband drinking coffee, reading email, and dropped my coffee cup in my lap on the bed. My laptop was splashed. My lap was soaked. The sheets and bedding are off the bed and going in the wash. I hopped in the shower and removed the coffee from the lower half of my body. But I have a couple more loads of laundry to do today. And only enough detergent for one more load.

How was your weekend? I hope it did not leave a debris field like this resulting in lots of laundry.


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