Friday, July 3, 2015

Am I an expert at anything?

I can no longer work full time. I struggle to work 15 hours/week. But I don't have enough money. Cash is tight in our house. I mean I have savings in the bank but they are in nice safe IRAs so they will stay there and grow until I retire. Anyway, I am trying to come up with more ways to make money.

My first thought is I will promote my knitting and crocheting and be proactive and sell more. The more I sell, the more I can knit. This keeps me busy and out of trouble on days when I am not up to going to work. So I have added a new page to my blog which I will fill with more information and keep my Facebook page updated with pictures of my latest creations. I can take credit cards or checks (if I know you) and will ship in the US.

My second thought is perhaps I can sell my services as a cancer consultant and help people navigate the medical maze of a cancer diagnosis. So I am asking, for feedback here:
  • Would you want a cancer consultant to help you with the medical maze and cancer roller coaster on where to find support and help locally to you?
  • Would you pay for this? Either on the phone or in email? 
  • What kinds of questions do you/did you have?
I have no medical experience so I would not provide any medical guidance. I am not a social worker so I am not providing emotional support. But I do think I can help people find local emotional resources and additional information on their cancer.

My background is two cancer diagnoses so I have walked the walk so I think I can talk the talk.

What do you think? Am I on to something here?

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Mandi - said...

You can also sell your knitting creations on Etsy. It is a great site for buying/selling handmade items. :)

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