Thursday, July 16, 2015

Breast cancer and flabbiness

I am not sure this article tells me that much but it did try to figure out if breast cancer and its treatment cause weight gain. It discusses the results of a recent study that was recently published.

So breast cancer increases in incidence right about the same age as menopause. Therefore there has been some confusion if its menopause or cancer and its treatment that cause weight gain. But this article did nothing to help me.

First of all it looked at an average weight gain of 4 lbs for women with breast cancer who did not have chemo and of 11 lbs for women who received  chemotherapy. 4 lbs or 11 lbs? That's nothing. I am more concerned about the 20 or 30 lbs weight gains. I know women who said they gained 5-10 lbs during treatment and then lost them. Those of us who gained more, even if active during treatment, have many more problems losing weight.

The real concern is that weight gain can have longer term health risks.

But the study promises to follow up with the women over a longer period of time. I would like to see a study about the women who gain 20 lbs or more during cancer treatment and ensuing health issues. No one ever seems to care what I think. Or to include me in research because I have too many other issues and would skew their data.

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Linda A. Young said...

Hi Caroline,
I am happy to find your blog! I am blogging about my cancer too, trying to share info and feelings, but feel not too many read it or care to leave a comment if they did. But I still must talk about it. And I talk a lot about everything else in my life too, I just so happens that this breast cancer sort of changes everything for me and has been a pretty big deal! I am not worried about my weight particularly, because I lost about 10-12 lbs. during chemo treatments and it really made all my clothes fit better, I would like to lose 10 more, but it is not a big concern right now. I think it's funny we have the same background. I thought it was dreamy. I am eager to read all your other posts! I am posting with a squirmy 14 month old grandbaby girl on my lap! I wish you the very best health and happiness! Love, Linda

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