Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I needed

I originally was going to work yesterday, today and tomorrow this week. But because of office renovations and some home improvement that was supposed to start yesterday, I changed my schedule to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday with Monday and Tuesday at home. (Actually my boss told me Friday not to come in until Wednesday because of the office renovations. And then he called me yesterday to see if I was coming in because he needed me for something. But that's another story.)

Monday I was moderately productive. I went to the gym. I got some work done. I cleaned up the house a bit (for the cleaning lady).

Yesterday, Tuesday, I thought about doing a lot of different things. This is what I did accomplish. I was very lazy.
  • I watched probably six episodes of Criminal Minds (the first six to be precise).
  • I got some knitting done. I have a craft show in September and want to be sure I have enough non-cold weather items done.
  • I sat on the couch and played with the cats.
  • I talked to the mason when he showed up.
  • I cooked dinner.
  • I made a big mess.

But I did nothing productive otherwise. I didn't do any gardening. I didn't go for a walk. I didn't run errands. I barely left the house. And I am glad I did. I was home by myself all day with the cats and enjoyed it. Except for the big mess. Here it is.
I was trying to find some yarn and organize it. And there is more yarn in the basement.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you were taking home therapy. I need that too - the house to myself all day. I'd like it with no worries also, thanks. Judie

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