Monday, July 6, 2015

We aren't just our ailments

So I have a breast cancer blog because I have had breast cancer. I blog daily but not necessarily about breast cancer. Even when I first started blogging, it wasn't all about breast cancer. Sometimes it was about stupid doctors, or people lost in the parking garage, or other things.

Now its probably less about breast cancer and more about other things. Why? Because I am not just about breast cancer. I am about a bunch of other ailments and a lot of other things. I am a college graduate who works in both marketing and IT. I design and manage websites. I do catalog layout and design.I am happily married and we have two new cats who drive us crazy. And I go to the damn doctor too much.

I think all of us unhealthy people have a tendency to be defined by their ailments. I mean we might blog about them, or go to the doctor for them, or take a day (or ten) off work for them. But we are more than them.

We are men and women, tall and short, many different sizes and colors and religions and believes. We live in all parts of the world. The only thing we do have in common is we have an ailment.

We also do not want to answer questions about our health daily. I have a friend who asks me, every time I talk to her, how I am feeling. This is new since my second cancer but don't ask me in that tone, please. (You know what I mean.)

We are so much more than our ailments. Please let us be all of ourselves, not just our ailments.

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