Thursday, July 9, 2015

In the know

If you are perpetually sick/ill, you are in the know on how we feel. Someone came up with a list of 20 items but a few stuck out for me.

  • You aren't quite sure what it means to feel "100%" because you're usually hovering at a solid 80% on a good day.
  • Sometimes doing even the simplest of tasks feels like a five hour workout. Can I nap yet?
  • By some miracle if you are actually not sick, you usually overexert yourself so much that you'll be sick again in a matter of days.
  • Your immune system feels like its one weekend away from collapsing completely.
  • Naps become more important part of your day.
  • "You don't look sick to me". No, but my kidneys feel like they're failing so there's that.
  • When you finally feel healthy again, it's an emotional experience for you. 

I'm not sure I'll ever hit that last one again but occasionally I can sit still and feel no aches, pains, or anything else for about 30 seconds.... Until I move and then it all starts up again.

And no, if you  haven't walked the walk, you can't tell me how I feel.

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