Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Dr. Susan Love has established the Army of Women where they are trying to recruit 1,000,000 women to help in medical research focused on breast cancer. The point of this is to find more women to participate in surveys to validate other research.

The Army of Women sends out emails periodically that describe the requirements for their latest survey and asks for volunteers who meet them to participate in the studies. They may just be answering questions online or they may be more in depth with direct contact with researchers. I joined this group a while ago and just participated in my first study. It is on Endocrine Therapy after Breast Cancer. You can participate in it if you are a woman, live in the US, have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and are currently taking or within the past 12 months have taken Tamoxifen, Arimidex, Aromasin, or Femara. I strongly recommend that if you meet the criteria to take the survey and if you don't  just join for the Army of Women.

This type of research is a new twist and is very valuable. It allows researchers around the country to add more and more participants to their studies and increase its validity. You know after new research is announced that more research is needed? This is an example of the additional research. If you wanted to participate in a Clinical Trial and couldn't find one, this is a good substitute. Its a way of giving back and helping other women who are diagnosed in the future. So go sign up!

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