Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brave and daring

Today I will be brave and daring and deal with the stupid little parking lot at Lahey. I have thought a great deal about it. Why should it get the better of me? I can handle the stupid little parking lot. I can do it. Go team, rah! Also, with a smaller parking lot, there should be fewer OMWAHs to negotiate. And, I have to go back another 30 something times so I have to figure it out.

Yesterday, I was also brave and stuck my spoon in the sheep's milk ice cream. (Why is my blog all about food, and my cat? Because that is my life these days.) Now while I am not sure I would rush out and buy it by the gallon, it is entirely edible and will benefit but a little dusting of cocoa powder or chocolate sauce. I am sure it will disappear from the freezer at a relatively speedy rate.

Now about the cat, he is fine these days. He is a pain in the neck. He is very clingy. We went away for three days and he thinks we abandoned him for life. He also needs his claws trimmed as in his need to be clingy, he can leave marks, actually little gouges.

Also, yesterday I was really brave and started hormone therapy. Yep, I took my first pill. It is daily for 'only' five years, well two years and then I will switch to an AI. Today I already remembered to take the second one in fact. A gold star for that! So being a smart person I decided to research the side effects, etc. The big one to look out for is blood clots but also sudden numbness or weakness in one side of the body; pain or swelling in legs; fever, chills, body aches; pale skin, easy bruising, or bleeding; new breast lumps (isn't the whole reason for taking it to prevent these?), or nausea (my favorite), stomach pain, loss of appetite (that is one I will take), etc. In addition there are less the common side effects of hot flashes; bone, joint or tumor pain; swelling in hands or feet; depressed mood, weakness; weight loss (I'll take it!); nausea (why do they list it twice?), or thinning hair (but if I don't have hair how can it thin?); and the list goes on. At least two of the side effects aren't bad - weight loss and loss of appetite. I am not sure about the others and will be happy to skip them if given the option.

Today I am off for my morning walk as it is 48 degrees and will rain later. Then I will go for my first radiation treatment before working for a few hours. (I have decided that by the end of the week, I will start mutating or glowing or something.) I will also be really good at 'hydrating my skin' for the next 7 weeks or however long it will be. This top secret information will be disclosed to me today. Gee I can't wait! But I will get out of the parking lot without the assistance or intervention of a security guard. That is my goal for the day!

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