Saturday, January 19, 2008

More mental notes...

I did remember a few more yesterday. Lets see if I can remember them...

4. Write things down so you don't forget. That might help. Make lists in fact.
5. ...I'm still thinking...

So while I am thinking, perhaps it is time for a hair update. First of all it is returning. It is very short still and will not be publicly unveiled for quite some time. The color is wrong (take a guess!), it is uncooperative and goes in a thousand different directions and is to short to brush. On a more positive note, my eye brows and eye lashes are returning as well. Did you know when your eye lashes grow back sometimes they point in the wrong direction and you feel like you are being poked in the eye for about a week? Ouch! Needless to say this is going to be a long process.

Also, my fingernails are beginning to look more normal. Perhaps I can get a manicure in the next month. (A manicure is not about nail polish, it is about getting your cuticles trimmed, etc. Nail polish just makes you look good and I do need that!) Toe nails are a different story. It looks like the second big toe nail is about to go. Can I live for a year without a pedicure? Probably not. (Again, its not about the polish, its about cuticles and callous removal.) I will ask the manicurist how long I should wait without big toe nails for a pedicure to get a more professional opinion.

(I'm still thinking of number 5...)

Yesterday's crisping again included a trainee so it took about 20 minutes. Apparently when you get a BS as a radiation technologist, you get to practice on real people as a college senior. No wonder they look so young! (I have clothing older than they are!) Trainees take a long time to get you situated and then the regular techs have to make sure you are all lined up correctly so they don't crisp the wrong things - like your lungs or heart (nothing major!). They had foil wrapped chocolates. One thing I don't understand is how they have new candy every day! Does it all get eaten? You would think sometimes they would have some left over the next day. I am there fairly late in the day so perhaps it is all eaten and they are on to a new supply by the time I get there. (But I still am being strong and resisting it.)

I am also supposed to get x-rayed every 5-7 visits to make sure everything is going correctly. I asked about this yesterday and they told me they had x-rayed me on Thursday and I didn't even know it! I am not sure what they can see in an x-ray that would effect what they are doing but then I didn't go to medical school or to be a radiation technologist so how would I know. I am merely the not-so-patient patient.

I give up on trying to remember number 5. It will come to me eventually and perhaps I will heed note number 4 above so I can remember it.

PS I did beat the damn parking lot again.

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