Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I need to motivate

If I get off my flabby butt I have time to go to the gym before the dentist this morning. Yes my teeth get cleaned today - for the first time since chemo. This could be interesting as chemo does all sorts of nasty things to ones body - we'll have to see if the dentist finds anything exciting. I went just before chemo way back in July but usually go every three months - aren't I one of the lucky ones? I should get motivated. I had ice cream AND chocolates after dinner last night. I really hope we finish all the Christmas chocolates soon. It took so long to get rid of the Halloween candy and and then all the little chocolate santas arrived! Combined with the ice cream fairy, ice cream of the month, and bacon of the month, I may be fighting a flabby battle for a long time.

The real problem with going to the gym is that it is a tropical 18 degrees out this morning. Just a tad chilly. But if I don't go now, will I go after radiation??? Probably not. By then my gym bag will have sat in my car all day and my clothes will be too cold to put on. How's that for a really lame-o excuse for not working out?

Yesterday I saw the doctor after radiation. (Yes, I beat the parking lot again!!! Yippee for me!) She said everything is going fine so far. But she did look at my incision from my surgery last month and said 'yes there is a little stitch hanging out'. Apparently it is supposed to be an internal one that will dissolve. But it is sticking out so eventually it will dissolve and fall off. If you think about it, it is kind of yucky. But I shall be brave and daring again and just pretend its not there. That's my really positive way of dealing with yucky things - just ignore them and they go away. Well it sometimes works - like maybe with this stitch. But real problems don't work that way - you have to get your car fixed when it makes a weird noise, you really should go to the doctor when you get weird pains or are sick (and then they send you for all kinds of nasty tests that lead to months and months of treatment... wait I am getting off track....) You get the point. I am going to the gym.

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