Friday, January 18, 2008

Mental notes to self

I still can't remember stuff even though my brain is returning. Maybe I couldn't remember stuff before and was in denial? I don't know. I am a space shot. There I said it. Air headed, space shot. Anyhow, here are the latest mental notes to self.
  1. If you don't make sure your water bottle is sealed it WILL leak all over. This includes into your purse, on to the car seat, and into your pocket while walking. Seal up the water bottle. (Then go dry out the contents of purse.)
  2. Your cell phone will not work if you don't charge it more than once a month. It has a battery that needs to be recharged at least weekly. Plug it in. (Also, see note number 1 - keep it dry.)
  3. You won't lose weight if you eat chocolate and ice cream daily. Leave the chocolate for Walter and eat ice cream weekly.
  4. I cant remember the next ones, I know there are more....
Also, the latest in the war of man (me) vs. machine (parking lot), I have heard from a reliable source (my mother) that I am not the only one who has difficulty with the machine. It has been an issue for some time with others as well. This further substantiates the fact that it is the machine and not me and I am not losing my mind. (Unless you wish to argue that my mind was lost a long time ago which is an entirely different discussion.)

So yesterday's crisping went fine. Instead of two boxes of chocolates and gingerbread, they had a jar of mini candy bars and chocolate cake with frosting. I had none. I will be strong and resist these. Apparently its the patients who bring in treats all the time. Maybe when I am done, I will bring them flowers instead of edibles.

Also, I timed my entire trip. It took 17 minutes from when I left my car, walked inside, got my parking validated, got a johnnie, got changed (dressing room 4), locked my clothes up (in locker 7), waited a few minutes, got crisped, retrieved my clothing, got changed, stopped in the ladies room, and walked back out to my car. That was actually a long trip. They made me wait a minute or two before going into the giant machine room and they had a trainee who took a bit longer than the regular techs to get me positioned correctly. I think most days it actually takes about 12-15 minutes for the entire process. Its just that I have to go EVERY day.

Now if you are totally bored (and a cat or dog owner), here are websites for you. and You can learn your pet's real age in people years. There is a website for people called where you go and enter all kinds of information about yourself and it tells you how old you are really and what you can do to live longer. (By the way a cancer diagnosis makes it tell you that you are REALLY old.) However, the other day, I learned that Shere-Khan is 46.1 years old in people (or biologic) years and he really doesn't need much. Actually he is about 11 years old...

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Anonymous said...

I'm just now getting to your older posts - I've been sick.

I've done the realage thing - I'm 45 there too...

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