Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogging and opinions

My blog is my opinion. Its that way because I write it. And yesterday I wrote about the rude jerk (who we saw again in the local diner where my husband and I went for breakfast yesterday). He sort of tried to get my attention again but I ignored him. Anyway, I am allowed to have my own opinion. Someone left a comment yesterday about how these things happen for a reason and maybe I should keep an open mind. What? Me, an open mind? I think I do have a relatively open mind. I don't have time for rude people who butt into conversations but in general I am pretty flexible and open to new ideas. But if they could cure cancer through energy healing and brass gongs, cancer would have gone away a long time ago. So buddy, get back to me when you have a real cure and not just snake oil. Me I'm leaving the solution to the research scientists who know what they are doing.

In the meantime, this week is a three day work week for us. Yesterday was Labor Day (well, doh, you knew that) and Friday we go off on vacation. This means I need to fit five days worth of work into three. And it means I need to leave for work in the next twenty minutes and not get home until around 6... A long day. Sigh. Maybe Walter will cook dinner. But tomorrow I work from home for a few hours and then go to work from 10-4. Thursday I'll work 8-3 or 4 and then do all kinds of fun things like take my computer off to rehab (a/k/a a computer tune up while we are out of town) and the cat off to his vacation (at my parents). Some how I am also supposed to pack and get organized.

I could have been more productive this weekend. Saturday was sailing. Sunday was I can't remember (chemo brain). Monday was gardening, work from home, run a bunch of errands. Now I remember Sunday - we ran errands and bought a living room sofa which will be delivered in October.

I was an air head yesterday and messed up my pills. I have two that I take the second I wake up because one of them needs to be taken on an empty stomach - 1 hour before or 2-3 hours after eating and not in combination with my calcium or prilosec. Then an hour later I take my back pills with food. Then a couple of hours later or sometime before dinner I take my vitamins. With dinner I take more back pills. Well, somehow, yesterday I took the wrong pills in the morning and skipped the empty stomach one. Well I figured this out about 6 pm as I was cooking dinner. So I took it not on an empty stomach and figure it might be a little less effective since it wasn't in optimal conditions but at least I took it. Today I paid more attention and got it right.

Yesterday I barely wore my stupid air cast. I am quite sick of it. Today I am not going to wear it but I will take it with me in case my ankle starts to act up. I went on a big walk yesterday which felt good but made my back hurt and made me tired. Wait, my back hurt from gardening with my stupid air cast on. Work involves lots of sitting with very short walks to the printer and the bathroom (both about 10' - in opposite directions of course).

But now I need to get moving so I can get out the door in the next 15 minutes - after I eat breakfast and get dressed.


BaldyLocks said...

You are amazing :)

BaldyLocks said...

Oh, I also added your link to my blog. I'm finally getting myself together.

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