Sunday, September 20, 2009

On with life

Now we are back from vacation - but still have not retrieved the cat. However we have many loads of laundry to do and a giant list of things to be done before returning to work. One thing not to do - DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF UPON RETURN FROM VACATION. But it is too late. I did. Its disappointing but not unexpected. Weight loss does not occur when one eats lots of yummy (a/k/a fat filled) food, the opposite does. I can't blame it all on vacation, because I haven't been going on my daily walks because of my stupid ankle. But I don't have a doctor appointment with a weigh in until November so I can do something positive between now and then. Its nice when the scale at the doctors office reflects good news - so even if the doctor doesn't have good news, you can still leave with something to feel good about.

I went through our multitudinous mail yesterday and did receive some nice doctor news. My thyroid levels have returned to normal (something to complicate weight issues). Two years ago, my oncologist lowered my thyroid medication but evidently my body was saying it was too low. So my doctor raised it last spring and I had a follow up blood test before vacation and now it is where it should be. For now. It has a way of needing adjustment... And they tell you 'thyroid medication is not for weight loss' but if your medicine is off, its really easy to gain weight. Never really easy to lose weight. Sigh. I guess I have to work on the nutrition and exercise route.

Actually its been nice that it will be almost 30 days between doctor appointments again. This hasn't happened since last fall (before back issues). And actually only the second time since my diagnosis. I should get frequent doctor visit discounts, instead of bills. That would be fair.

Anyway, off for my morning walk. And lots of laundry. I'll post vacation pictures later.

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