Friday, September 11, 2009

A most exciting day

Why is it so exciting??? Because we are on vacation for eight days. We leave this morning (not not quite packed but I have until 9) and won't return until next Saturday. Very, very exciting. I was trying to think when our last vacation was but chemo brain did not allow me to remember. My husband had to fill in the blanks.

Last May we did not vacation, we took a long weekend and went to the Stowe Weekend of Hope. It was only a weekend and not a vacation. Last December, we went to visit relatives in California which technically was a vacation but it involved traveling in a blizzard (or two)... And was very busy. It was not as restful. Holiday travel is never relaxing - always complicated. It was nice to see relatives that we never see but its not the same as a check your brain at the door vacation. Then last September (a year ago) we went away for five days. As soon as we came home, I had my gall bladder out and that negated all of the relaxation aspects. Before that was all that chemo and radiation and surgery crap that goes along with cancer...

So we are off to enjoy, bad back and all. Actually a real question is how will my back deal with car travel and hotel beds... This is a real question. But I am mostly packed and have packed the pills I need for every day life and the pills I need in case. And the vitamins I need - calcium for my osteoporosis. I need a separate bag for pills.

But in the meantime, its time to get organized.

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