Monday, September 21, 2009

I admit I made a mistake

But first before I admit, here is my annual reminder - October is coming up and its all about support breast cancer but before you buy a single thing, go check this website and find out what's really going on:

So, I admit I made a mistake. I did something yesterday I shouldn't have. If I can just figure out what it was, I promise I won't do it again. But I have no idea what it was. I do know it was something that made my back hurt. It was being so good. But not any more. Yesterday, I did laundry, went for a walk, dealt with the cat, gardened, pretended I was a domestic goddess (and vacuumed a tiny bit), cooked a ton of food, and went food shopping.

All of these things are things I have not done for a week and my back felt much better. So one of them must be the culprit that caused back pain. None of them violated the rule of 20 lbs. I would happily give up laundry and being a domestic goddess. But I would prefer not to give up walking (helpful for getting from point A to point B), gardening, the cat, cooking or shopping. The cat weighs a paltry 16 lbs so I am sure its not him. The only vacuuming I did was because of the construction in our downstairs bathroom. (Walter took out the old ceiling fan and you wouldn't believe the icky stuff that came out with it - hence the vacuuming.) It could just be a combination of standing around that my back didn't like. Anyway, I will make a note of it and see if I can narrow it down. In the meantime, I have pain meds to take.

We are back from vacation and back to reality. The cat is also back from vacation. He had quite a nice time. He was very spoiled. But he still missed us. I can tell because he insisted on walking around on top of us while we were sleeping last night (with his delicate 16 lbs). I have a ton of errands to run and work to do this morning before going to work. But at least I can take a walk first to take the edge off returning to work.

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