Saturday, September 5, 2009

But I followed the Directions!

See what do they know? They know crap. They know nothing. They tell you, eat right, exercise, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you can reduce risk of getting breast cancer. Well, I did and then I got it anyway. Just another damn example of how they don't know squat about it. I can tell you about more women who will say the same thing.

Basically what these articles tell me is that the amount of things they don't know about cancer are huge. They can provide some advice on how to avoid it which are based on statistics that show in a probability in a group of people studied who did or didn't do some things showed to be more or less likely for a specific outcome. This is like saying of the people who were sneezed on by someone with the flu, they were 20 times more likely to get the flu themselves. Well, lah, di, dah, I say. Call me demanding but I am sick of advice like this. I want a cure. That's what will make me happy.

Okay, so I am starting today on a slightly crabby note. Well, yesterday I wore my air cast to work and took it off as soon as I got out to my car. Why? Because I have a mosquito bite on my leg which is inside my cast and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! I also couldn't find the damn cortisone ointment yesterday morning. (I will find it today.) Then I went for a short walk - my first walk since the 'incident'. It was great to be out for a walk. I went slowly. I did not go by myself - I got Walter to come with me. But I had to ice my back last night and this morning both my back and ankle are less than happy - but I have drugs, ice and an air cast so I'll get throw the day with a perkiness seldom seen.

Today, we are going sailing. This means I will go to the boat and sit there and let everyone else do stuff. Hobbling is not good on a boat. It would be slippery if I wear my cast and and if you slide off, the North Atlantic is not that warm, even though its the end of the summer. But it should be a good day of sailing. This weekend is the schooner race out of Gloucester which happens tomorrow but there should be all kinds of boats out today.

Our only problem with going off for the day is to make sure the cat gets his insulin in a timely manner. He normally gets his shots at 6 and 6, 12 hours a part. (We define 12 as being between 11 and 13.) Yesterday we moved him to 7 and 7. Today he will be 8 and 8 or so and we can go out to dinner on the way home. But now I need to motivate. I'll take pictures I am sure.

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Ann said...

Hi Caroline - I have been reading your blog since I first suspected I had cancer. My suspicions were confirmed, unfortunately. Keep well and thanks for writing what you've been through.

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