Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I was supposed to say 'wake up there's a mouse in the kitchen'

Last night my back was oh so cooperative and I didn't get much sleep even though I took one of my heavy duty pain pills. After our mouse issues, we updated our traps to two from one in hopes of nabbing the felon - guilty of leaving a mess on the counters and eating the crumbs in the bottom of the toaster oven (which has been scrubbed within inches of its life). Around midnight, between snores (of the cat and the husband - cat is louder), I heard little noises from the kitchen. I thought I could get up and see what it is, but what if its a mouse in the trap. I listened and decided that it probably was a mouse in the trap and decided not to get up and deal with something that would make my stomach turn in the middle of the night. I also chose NOT to wake up Walter - he wouldn't want to deal with a mouse in a trap at midnight. I didn't think he would appreciate being told 'wake up there's a mouse in the kitchen'. He needed to get some rest too.

Around 4 am, I woke back up (thank you to my back and ankle) and heard a loud noise in the kitchen, which was substantially louder than a mouse. I considered getting up but Walter woke up and 'suggested' that I go check the mouse traps. I 'suggested' in return that he should go because he doesn't want me to be the one to find mice in traps. And if it wasn't a mouse, it was a burglar so he should deal.

He came back upstairs to report that the mouse trap that had previously been on the kitchen counter was across the floor of the kitchen, sprung, mouseless, and the cat was supervising. He was also a bit peeved he didn't get to see/catch the mouse. Evidently, I was supposed to say 'wake up there's a mouse in the kitchen'. Even though we have not seen the mouse, I think the cat has. The noise was probably the cat 'helping' the mouse out of the trap. Shortly afterward the cat came back upstairs to tell us about his food dish. I turned the light back on to make sure that he wasn't bringing us any kind of mousy present as he has done in the past.

So today I feel very well rested (NOT) and there is a traffic accident that will make my commute a nightmare. My back and ankle are not happy. I think its because yesterday at the school I work at there was a giant meeting and I had to walk from the farthest corner of the parking lot with my lovely, handy, dandy, back pain causing air cast. If I had known and come 15 minutes earlier I could have parked much closer. (As it was teachers were walking at least 1/4 mile to get to the school so I am lucky I parked so close - but I snuck into the student parking.)

So my ankle is clearly telling me it is not ready to start taking walks which is quite the bummer. I was hoping to start walking soon. But I will go ride the stationary bike tomorrow and again this weekend. But today I really have to get moving so I can go sit in traffic.

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