Saturday, September 26, 2009

How long can you balance on one foot?

This is for real. I went back to the ankle doctor yesterday. She was supposed to say everything was fine and I'm all set. But she didn't. (I wish they would get their script right.) First she gave me balance exercises. If you don't know what these are this is stand on your bad ankle (and pretend it doesn't hurt) and balance for a minute at a time (not kidding about the minute part), five times in a row in a ten minute period. Twice a day. How long can you stand on one foot and balance? One minute is a really long time. Especially when your ankle hurts. Apparently this is supposed to reteach your body about your ankle and using it. I used to ice skate a million years ago so I am pretty good about balance. Just tell my ankle to stop hurting. And stopping swelling up.

She also wants me to go to physical therapy. Two or three times a week for six to eight weeks. And then go back and see her. Why can't I have a doctor say 'you are fine, go away'? They don't even need to be that nice. I can handle it. But here's the funny part, she said 'we'll fax your order to PT today and they'll call you Monday'. Last time I had PT (for my back), they didn't call for two weeks and then they said it would take another two weeks to get me in and another week or ten days to start regular sessions. Now maybe they've changed their policies or ankles and backs are different (I know they are different body parts but maybe PT-wise its different) or something else. But I will be pleasantly surprised to get a call anytime in the next week. In the meantime, I'll work on my balancing.

Speaking of scheduling, in addition to setting up PT, the doctor wanted me back in six to eight weeks for a follow up. So the appointment setter said 'hows October 23?' I said 'do you have anything later?' She said 'how's October 26?' (Isn't that four weeks from yesterday?) I said, deciding to be more specific 'do you have anything in November? The doctor wanted a follow up in six to eight weeks.' She said 'The next thing I have is November 23rd.' I said 'that would be just fine' and on my calendar that is eight weeks from now, not four. Maybe it will be better by then.

Actually I'm not surprised that I have PT. And in a way I would prefer it so my ankle really heals correctly and I run less of a risk of not healing right and having a long term problem ankle. And PT is relatively convenient - its 5 minutes from home and I can smush (technical term) it into my schedule. But I have already had 39 doctor appointments this year and wouldn't mind a break.

Otherwise, another long day yesterday. My back decided it doesn't like going out to dinner and protested. How does it protest? Just say 'little ice picks stabbing into my back'. Well, only in selected areas (otherwise, I wouldn't think of ice picks, I would have something else in mind). Today, I am volunteering at a local community event for the American Cancer Society. This means I will go sit at a table for 2-3 hours (depending on my back) and try to get volunteers and donations. But I also get to eat various yummy things from all the local restaurants which will also be at the fair.

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