Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Reassuring News

In case you missed it, the Old Farmer's Almanac has announced their winter forecast. Winter will be here in a few months and it will be very cold in the midwest. We can also expect a Valentine's day blizzard in New England - well they said from February 12-15. I hope its not a 3 day blizzard. That would really be a bummer. I don't mind a one day blizzard, but a three day blizzard? That's when you start to look at your spouse as some sort of alien - why I am trapped in here with you? Can't you go shovel more snow or something?

The down side of my life, is that 20 years ago (or even five years ago) I would say a blizzard=skiing (and shoveling). Now a blizzard equals a tiny bit of snow showing, followed by frustrating because I can't go skiing (but happiness because I can't really shovel although I should be able to run the little electric snow blower we have). I might sneak in a little cross country skiing this winter but I don't think I am up for down hill any more. But I'm still having on to my relatively new skis that I spent a lot of money on and then never really got to use. I'm not sure why I am thinking about skiing and show shoeing yet, but maybe because there are already holiday displays in stores - which is just wrong if you ask me.

A few friends and I were commenting on when do you really start feeling normal again after chemo. The overwhelming answer is no one knows. But there seems to be some consensus that 2 years out is the right time. So how much of my never having energy, feeling tired, being in pain, will start to go away after December when I am two years out and how much is related to my damn back and will never go away? And they lied. When you are diagnosed with cancer, they say 'its a year out of your life'. Well its been a lot more than that thank you. Now, I'm really overwhelmed with cheery thoughts. Time to change the subject.

New topic: Today I am working from home. This means I have many social appointments. I am meeting a friend for coffee at 8 and another at 2. In between, I have a tiny bit of work to do, and will also go to the gym, the library, and run some errands. I will go get some blood work done, stop by hospital records, and go to a monthly support group that I never make it to. I have lots to do and I made a list but there is a possibility I lost it (the list and not my mind) already - need more coffee. (Found the list after five minutes of looking.)

I was hoping to avoid going to the hospital at all for the next month. I had a whole entire month with no appointments - don't know how that little miracle occurred. My last appointment was August 25 and my next appointment is September 25. But I also need to get in to get some blood work done in September. If I wait until the end of the month and then forget, I'll have to call the doctor back and get it reordered, blah, blah, blah. Its better to get it done while I am thinking about it. I also really have been meaning to attend this support gruop - its a monthly one and has a completely different focus than the others.

Lastly, I want to go to hospital records to get my PET scan and liver MRI results simply because I have never had a PET scan and I am curious to what it will tell me. I know the results were clean but I want to see it. New sensitive tests like MRIs, PETs, CTs, etc pick up all sorts of bad things but they are also sensitive enoyugh to pick up good things. They might give you the size of organs or any normal abnormalities in them. For instance, I know I have three hemangiomas in my liver (they are normal thingies to have, benign, you can keep them) but how big are they, what else is there? Inquiring minds want to know and its my body so I figure I should stay on top of what they say.

So today I am off and running. Running late already. But that's to be expected.

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