Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I can't think of a title

Maybe its too early but I can't think of a title. I was going to write about what I want in health care reform but I think the answer is I'm not sure. I know I do want to pay less. I do think more Americans need health insurance. I do think people shouldn't stay at jobs so their insurance doesn't change and they aren't covered for a pre-existing condition (especially since I have had one of those for so long). However I am comforted by reading this post on an informal poll that was done to learn what people know about health care reform. I think we are a country of confused people right now.

But I am sure it will all sort out in the coming months and years and be endlessly tweaked and changed as it turns out that what they put on paper, doesn't really work in real life. Because it is real life and its never the same as what they put on paper.

I am all discombobulated this morning because when I went downstairs to get a second cup of coffee, I found the dead mouse in the mouse trap. My husband 'forgot to look' It was on the stove because that's where the mouse was hanging out. How do you not look on the stove when you turn the light on over the stove? Needless to say, both my husband and cat are in the dog house so to speak over this. I should not have to find dead mousies. That is their job. I don't care which one but I seem to see far too many of them and am totally grossed out at this point. Yuck!

Yesterday was back to reality and work. Work was busy. They missed me (its nice to be missed - makes you feel like you actually are accomplishing things when you are there). But by the time I got home, my back hurt. And then, after moving stuff around last night before the electrician comes today, my back really hurt. Evidently my back pain vacation is over. I am blaming the cat for this. Its his fault. He cannot be picked up any more (except when he looks really cute and pitiful because his back legs don't work right and he can't jump up on things any more).

Today, I am working from home until I go to the dentist. There will be an electrician here to repair the disaster of our downstairs bathroom. We removed the old medicine cabinet to find a buried light plate (switched in the on position, evidently powering the old light) which is rather scary and is being removed. I have lots of work. I am also rambling today so I will go get more coffee and do something else besides babble.


Debby said...

I babble without coffee too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Caroline, good luck on the dentist today. I am finding this is not a good thing after cancer. I had to have another one pulled yesterday..their went my bridge. Two years after I am now suffering kidney damage, which accounts for my backaches, headaches and swollen legs. My prize is a CT scan, and who knows what else...oh joy. Who knew this was going to be so much fun.

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