Saturday, September 12, 2009

Living on the edge

I am living on the edge. I find it hard to remain cheerful and perky and not let me inner evil twin come through. I find that often I am ready to snap at people for no reason - or at a minor thing. I think it is related to living in pain. Ya, think? Maybe that is why I am quickly turning into a 'get the hell out of my way evil b*tch' at the drop of a hat. I can go from nice to 'stick her in a padded cell for 20 years' in no time.

So I tried to do some research on this. Did you know chronic back pain can cause depression? What a good start. But I did find this on pain management techniques:

There are three areas:
1. Non invasive, non-drug pain management - this covers massage, heat/ice, exercise, chiropractic care, PT, and electrortherapy. I have tried all but chiropractic care because I was told to avoid that due to the causes of my pain. The rest didn't work or only provide short term work. I am back to an almost daily walk and do my exercises from PT daily.
2. Non invasive pharmacologic pain management - or in normal English, 'the give me the drugs option'. I got them all. I tried OTC anti inflammatories but they didn't work so I have prescription ones. I also have prescription pain meds for neuropathic pain. In addition I have muscle relaxants and prescription pain meds for the really bad days. Finally, I get to take tylenol (yes, really) for the other regular normal pains that dont get covered by the rest of my personal pharmacy.
3. Invasive pain management techniques - this is the big needles section. I have had two cortisone injections and will probably have a radiofrequency ablation (denervation) at some point. You will note the results of this are mixed - meaning it doesn't work for everyone. The other three things listed that I haven't had are not yet 'tried and true'. They are controversial, inconclusive findings, or not known to be effective.

Well, now I am overjoyed and perky as all hell. This leaves me with the 'give me the drugs' and 'stick more needles in me' options. I have had injections in my lower back and my doctor I think will move on to other areas of my back and hips for more big needles - gee can't wait.

And these are the advances in medical techniques that have provided breakthroughs for those with chronic pain. I think I need more breakthroughs. I'll settle for coffee this morning. And search for my perky side.

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