Monday, July 12, 2010

A digression from cancer and other medical crap

I saw this story this weekend and think it is the coolest thing. Its a giant homing pigeon hidden inside a tortoise shell. Basically this family's pet tortoise escaped four years ago and just returned. Apparently they dig deep holes in the ground and wait for water to come out again. We had some drenching rain this weekend and, voila, he returned! So cool! And much more interesting to think about than pesky cancer crap. Here's a video too.

Yesterday there is a slight possibility I overdid things. I went for a walk. I made breakfast. I worked on my computer. We went to pick up bricks from someone who was giving them away. He wasn't there. We came home and Walter trimmed shrubbery. We went back and picked up bricks. I did some weeding. I dug up some day lilies and returned my over due library books. By then, my back hurt and I was exhausted. I came home and lay down for two hours before going out for dinner. Then I went to bed early. I feel better today. (Note my role in brick retrieval was to drive and then talk to the guy we were picking them up from. My role in shrubbery trimming was to pick up trimmings.)

Today I am going for a walk and then to a doctor appointment. I have to stop by the mall and figure out what happened to my phone. Everyone says they can't hear me on it and I cant figure out how to adjust the setting. Last week, I let my nephew play with the ring tones on it and now I have the audio problem. I think I have another errand to run and if I can remember it, I'll take care of it as well.

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