Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its a different perspective

There is a 20 year old woman in the US who has had cancer for ten years of her life and has now been told that she has between six weeks and four months left. Her friends threw her a bridal party complete with a wedding gown and it will be featured in an upcoming issue. She doesn't appear to have a boy friend who she might be marrying but I think she just wanted the party.

On one hand, it seems a bit silly. Why go through this party stuff if she's not getting married? But on the other hand, if it is something she wished she could have done - get married that is - there is nothing wrong with it.

I think if someone told me I had between six weeks and four months, I would start making a list. Often people just die with no notice. You could get hit by a bus, be in a car or plane crash, fall off a ladder, hit your head diving into a pool or lake, or any number of reasons. You have no time to get your affairs in order and figure out what you want to do before you die because you don't know you were about to go.

If I knew I had at least six weeks, I would start planning. I would plan my funeral and figure out what I was going to be cremated in. I would figure out what I wanted done with my ashes. I would go on a few trips. I would walk on the beach as much as possible. I would forget about my diet and eat fried clams as often as I wanted. Ice cream every night as well. Sit out in the sun with no sunscreen - I'm not going to be around long enough for wrinkles and I might as well have a nice healthy tan. If it was winter, maybe I would go skiing one last time. It would not matter if it made my back hurt. Because I would not have to worry about doing long term damage. I could have a lot of fun.

There's a country music song that talks about living every day like you were dying. Hmmm... its all a matter of perspective.

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linda said...

All of us with cancer have faced death...the realization that life could end at any moment. So, I've had time to think about this too. I understand the party, the wedding dress. I applaud the woman and her friends. If I had her prognosis, if i get a recurrence, I'm headed for Fiji for a few weeks, I'm having a pre-death celebration and the heck with the funeral. If anyone wants to throw one, that's up to them. Getting hit by a bus is a long shot. Dying in your sleep from an aneurysm, more likely. The point you make though, is that any of us could die SNAP! like that, without any chance to say goodbye.

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