Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm in avoidance mode

This week is not going to be a fun one. I have a doctor appointment today, tomorrow my meds therapist, a test, and another doctor appointment and Thursday a radiofrequency denervation on my right SI joint. I can't wait. I don't want to talk about my medical stuff until I know more about it so today I am in avoidance mode. It is the most mature way I can deal with this - letting my inner three year old out who can close her eyes and make it go away. Okay, its not mature, but it lets me cope better. I also have pills. And a busy schedule.

Yesterday we went sailing. The weather was awesome and I was up on deck and saw this big black thing in front of us... and then a fin appeared and it turned out it was a Minke whale. No I am not coordinated enough to get my camera out in time and get its picture, but it was very cool. Made my day.

Today I am going for a walk, washing dishes, and then going to my appointment before going to work. We are also in the middle of a battle to the death with a horde of fruit flies who have taken up residence in our kitchen. I threw out the bananas last week and moved the trash on the porch and our little apple cider vinegar and dish soap baits seem to be working. I cut up a bunch of fruit this morning with out any visitors appearing so perhaps we are winning the war.

In the meantime, my back hurts. It will be another hot day (ugh).

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linda said...

I don't understand. What are you avoiding? Sounds like you're facing everything head on. With courage.

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