Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm not changing my eating habits

Apparently fast food chains have 'voluntarily' reduced the amounts of fats in their foods. So why were they so high before hand? Since 1997 apparently they have reduced the amounts, so has anyone noticed their fries don't taste the same any more? I doubt it. So maybe they didn't need to be as high in the first place.

I can tell you that I find fast food french fries just as yummy as the next person but that doesn't mean I hit the drive through often. In fact, I think I went through a drive through about 10 or more years ago. When I used to ski, the ski trips often included a fast food breakfast of an egg mcmuffin on something equally easy to consume in the car. Now a days if I want fries, I either steal a few off my husband's plate or make oven fries at home. I have always preferred salads for lunch and haven't been on the bandwagon of a diet coke and an order of fries cancel each other out for a longtime.

Now my eating habits include such things as egg substitute, bananas, salad, home made dinner every night - no prepared food here. We don't even use canned soup any more (I think the last can of soup we own is now past its edible date). We even participate in CSA farm shares 7 months of the year to get the best locally grown organic vegetables. So fast food is still not in my future. I think I'm happier this way.

We are in the middle of a heat wave. I hate hot weather. When it hits 80 around here, I am melting. So the best substitute for hot weather is the ocean and we are going sailing for the day. Yesterday I was very unproductive and watched a lot of TV - but did get work done (so I wasn't a total slacker). Because of the heat, we had a big salad for dinner with all sorts of sides - beet salad, bean salad, chicken salad, whole wheat pasta salad with balsamic dressing, kale and purslane greens, around a big pile of lettuce with carrots, cucumber, and scallions on top. We have decided we will have salads for dinner for the next few nights so cooking is limited. It should cool off by Wednesday...


WhiteStone said...

We've pretty much given up fast foods, too. And I like my portion of fries to be two or three from someone else's plate. I get a taste but not the cals and fats. lol

linda said...

I saw Inception yesterday with a fun friend. We ate popcorn, I drank a diet coke. First of either for me in ??? long time, can't remember, six months, a year. I loved every bite and sip. although did get a slight headache soon after. And then, we had a meal at Islands. I had the grilled fish tacos WITH FRIES and ketchup. Oh, that was delicious. don't know how much fat, don't care. As you know from my last post, I just bought a juicer. I haven't unpacked it yet because I'm still in sticker shock.