Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Someone forgot to tell the sharks

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Once again, we have great white shark sitings in New England and lots of references to Jaws. It was never a scary movie to me. The summer it was filmed on Martha's Vineyard, we were there. A shark isn't scary when you have seen it go by the restaurant window in the back of a truck. But it does make me think about what might be in the water. So around here we now have sharks. The oceanologists say don't worry they only want to eat the seals. But then they also tell you not to swim out too far. Hmmmm... I'll stick to wading until they go away. Someone forgot to tell the sharks it was only a movie.

Today I am attempting to get out of the house a little early. I have an appointment followed by work followed by another appointment. Some how I will squish in a walk too. Unless it is down pouring rain because I am a wimp.

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linda said...

I wonder if this is a result of the Gulf disaster. Or maybe just warmer water. People killed or injured by sharks are thought to have been mistaken for a seal or sea turtle. Smart to stay close to shore.

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