Monday, July 5, 2010

A good Monday morning

Why is it a good Monday morning? Because its a holiday and we all have the day off. Actually my brother is visiting and my nephew slept here last night after we had a big family dinner/cookout in our back yard. Today we are all going sailing. More family quality time. It will be interesting on how my back does sailing. Last year it didn't like boats. Think about it, if you are sitting on a surface that is moving around (a/k/a a boat on the water), you use your back to stabilize your body. My back didn't like that last year. But this year I'll be prepared and bring drugs to help.

Otherwise, I'm doing okay these days. I have an ultrasound in a few weeks that I am ignoring until it happens. My doctor appointments have settled down to one every few weeks which is much more manageable than one or more every week. But I do have to go for a blood test soon. Doctors are like vampires - they want your blood. And other fluids. And pictures (xrays or scans). But as long as you end up with good news afterwards, I am happy to let them keep doing their tests.

No I don't have much to say today. I am going to get up and take a shower and do all my damn exercises. Then I will drag my husband and nephew out for a morning walk. Perhaps my brother will get over here for that little excursion as well. Then we need to get organized to go to the boat. First I have to find the list of what food I said I would bring since there is no hope I can remember that without my list.

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