Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's a solution: Education

So I wondered the other day, as you may recall, what can be done about clinical trials to improve them and possibly shorten the whole drug approval process. Well how about education? Apparently there are fewer errors and fewer patient questions simply by applying a little education to the process. There ya go, a simple solution that may be a start to solving a bigger problem.

In the meantime, here's some more education. We are supposed to take more Vitamin D - apparently people often lack it - but not supposed to take as much calcium - because it might cause hardening of the arteries. But, but, but, my doctor told me to take both of these... Should I change my doses around or just be confused for a bit. Well, I'll stick with being confused and save myself doctor phone calls and visits because I get enough of them anyway.

In the weird news this morning, they have recalled millions of frozen MICE because they are responsible for the salmonella epidemic in pet stores. Yuck! I had to read the title of this article to my husband twice. Yes, frozen mice. Who knew there was a business of frozen mice? But then what do snakes in pet stores eat? Canned snake food?

Finally, social media is finally catching on in the medical world. Many hospitals have electronic newsletters. All have websites. Some are on Facebook and Twitter. But now the Mayo Clinic has a social media center. I find this very cool. I wish my hospital had a social media center.

Do you feel more educated? Yes? Good!

Today I have a thousand things to do. Well not literally a thousand but close enough. I am going on vacation tomorrow. (And to all your burglars out there my big healthy husband, assisted by our large cat, is staying home.) I am going on vacation tomorrow with a good friend for a week. We are going to northern WI on Lake Superior and our plans for the week include a daily walk followed by daily lounging. But I still have to do laundry, get my seats on Southwest, and pack. And do laundry. And go to the bank. And meet a friend for a walk. And do work from home as well as go to the office. And we are going out to dinner tonight. I'm sure there is more but I can't remember.... Oh, a spend an hour figuring out how many pills I need to supplement my dilapidated body for a week.

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