Monday, January 3, 2011

Egad, another partnership?

Can it be? Another partnership in the search for a cure, or in this case a significant cancer detection test? It cant be! It will be announced later today but we already know all sorts of things about it because they announced their announcement before it was announced to get more coverage.

Anyway, I think its very interesting on several levels. Researchers at Mass General Hospital developed a prototype for a microchip which can detect single cancer cells in billions of blood cells. Now, Veridex, part of Johnson & Johnson, and Ortho Biotech Oncology R&D will work to make it commercially available. They are used to the regulatory stuff so can help speed it along. MGH and four other Boston research organizations received a $15 million grant from Stand Up 2 Cancer to test it.

So lots of people are working together. Cooperation is key. I am glad to see the results of donations to Stand Up 2 Cancer. They have raised a lot of awareness but I never really knew what they did with all the money they raised so this is good to see. I am glad also to see that companies are working together to get a new product through the FDA regulatory process.

But they estimate 5 years to market. And is only one project focused on blood borne cancers. These are things like leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. There are lots of other cancers out there that are not benefited by this. We will continue to be patients waiting (im)patiently for more news on our cancers.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent interview around noontime on WBUR with the head guy at MGH about this research. It sounds like it will find metastasis, not original tumors, but I think they are hopeful it will develop into something more. Johnson and Johnson are partnering and paying for the 3rd generation of this new thing--MGH paid for the 1st round, then the cancer charity people. Robin

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