Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot flashes can prevent breast cancer

Now that's a breakthrough - not for me! I only am enjoying hot flashes as a result of my chemopause and medications.

I had a hysterectomy six years ago and they left one ovary because it looked find and there was no reason to put me in menopause unnecessarily and I would go through it later, naturally. Well, along came breast cancer and chemotherapy. Chemo for breast cancer has a way of shutting down ovaries, sometimes permanently, and causing hot flashes. My poor little ovary was shut down. And I have had hot flashes since my second round of chemo in mid August 2007. They were worse when I was on Tamoxifen. Now they are slightly better on Femara but I still get them. If they will go away when I am off Femara, I only have to wait two more years. Gee, thanks.

But since I have hot flashes am I at a lower risk of breast cancer? Probably not since I already had it. These little nuggets of knowledge don't always help that much.


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Im with you Nera! It's lucky that I met Ruf just as I was becoming Menopausal. He's a vegan and introduced me to tofu. I am convinced that I do not have hot flushes because I eat less meat and a lot more tofu, oats, carrots, tomato, brown rice and beans.

If I do not have a period in the next four months, I will have reached the 12 that is the time frame specifying that I am officially Menopausal and yet, other than lack of periods

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