Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is the Broad Institute the new face of medical research?

Once again in Cambridge MA is a new research outpost - the Broad Institute. I live less than 10 miles from it, probably less than 5 miles (if I was energetic enough to measure it on Google maps). I have barely heard of them. Well, actually I had heard their name and didn't know what they did really. I just thought they were another one of those 'think-tank' places that seem to pop up all over the place around here.

But now that I have read this article about them. Could this be the new face of medical research? Collaboration and cooperation under one roof with no egos involved? And looking at the the human genome and many other areas at the same time? In a place set up for scientists and not for the visiting public? They have floor to ceiling walls that can be written on and added to.

I think this is really cool. People working together to unravel diseases, including cancer. Why can't people work together in other ways to solve problems as well?

If this is the new face of medical research, I am happy.

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