Saturday, January 1, 2011

In 2011, I want

1. A healthy year. For the past four years I have had more than 60 doctor appointments each year. This year I would like to be healthier so I don't have to go as often. I would also like to see a year of good health for all. H1N1 flu under control, cholera in Haiti under control, good health for all.

2. A political year without mudslinging and bashing. Why must politics be negative? There is no reason to say 'they were stupid' when you could say 'I can make it better'. There is no reason for negativity. No on ever did anything wrong, but someone else can improve on it. Its not like anything can be undone.

3. A year of international stability. Bombings, wars, riots, and more. Why waste money on them? Why not spend the money on taking care of the people in your country instead of letting others blow them up?

4. A year of tolerance. Why hatred and fear mongering? Why places like the Westborough Baptist 'Church' which protests at military funerals? Why spewing hatred and polarization? Does it really matter what one's skin color, beliefs, sex, age, creed, origins, or anything else?

I do wish happiness for all. And a cure for cancer too.

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Anonymous said...

Me too, Caroline. This is a good list. Two people I love just were diagnosed with cancer and it horrifies me that we have somehow so thoroughly contaminated our environment that these cancers are increasing. Robin

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