Friday, January 28, 2011


Don't tell anyone but yesterday we played hookey. There was a snowstorm overnight and we, meaning my husband, had to dig us out in the morning. His office had a delayed opening until 10 am. He went out to shovel around 8. He went out and shoveled for an hour and then took a break. Then he went back out later in the morning. Eventually he called into work. Then I called in to the job I was supposed to work at and said that either I would be in by noon or, if not, they would see me tomorrow. I could have gone to work. But I decided not to. So it was a day of hookey.

So what did we do? We went out to lunch. We wandered around Barnes & Noble. We returned stuff to Macy's. We watched some TV together. I sorted some clothes. Then I met a friend for a drink. I did not do my exercises at all. I did not go for a walk (the bike path was not plowed). I took a day off. It was nice.

I think a day off from everything is important. I also wanted to see if my exercises or walking is having any effect on my back pain. They don't. My back still hurt. I didn't worry about doctor appointments or exercise class or PT or acupuncture. No appointments. No having to be anywhere at any time. We'll have to do it again but maybe we'll wait until summer when we can go to the beach.

Today I have to pay the price and go to work EARLY and stay all day. I will be tired and my back will hurt later too.

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