Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If you have got your health, you have everything

What a lovely old saw. How quaint. How ironic - I don't have my health and RealAge agrees! Annually I make an effort to go into my Real Age account and update my health to see how old they think I am. I am old. Currently I am 16.4 years older than my actual age.

According to RealAge this is why I am old:

- Having a history of breast cancer - hello, I did not request this one.
- Living with cancer - see above
- Worrying too much - see above
- Dealing with heartburn - see above and see one about too many meds that hurt my stomach
- Having depression - ahem, see above. If you had cancer twice, you would be depressed too.
- Taking too many meds - that pesky cancer thing again.
- Not knowing your cholesterol levels - I try to remember this but that pesky cancer thing gets in the way at the doctor's office.
- Having oral hygiene concerns - did I ask for bad gums? No. But I do floss
- Being an ex-smoker for under 5 years - time will fix this one but then I'll be older too
- Driving a small vehicle - big cars use more gas and I'm cheap.
- Facing a lot of stress - see that cancer thing again0
- Not eating enough whole grains - I do I thought. Maybe I'll go cheat and change my answers.
- Needing to review your eating habits - Do they know I sneak in candy at work sometimes?
- Eating too much red meat - we are working on this one.
- Not building flexibility - with back pain, its hard to bend.
- Neglecting your muscles - see note about back pain.
- Having a high BMI - if you can't move without pain you get fat. And there is that stress thing from cancer again.
- Not knowing your resting heart rate - well, sorry! I'll ask but see my reply for cholesterol
- Doing only the bare minimum - see my replies about back pain.

So basically its says I am old, fat and lazy as well as stressed and depressed from cancer. And it didn't even get into a second cancer diagnosis, back issues, sprained ankle, multiple surgeries, and all my other medical crap.Maybe I should go back and take out all the cancer related stuff and see what it tells me then. I'll just pretend I have my health.

Overall I think RealAge is a great tool (and they have CatAge and DogAge too). It is a good way to show you what you need to work on to get in better shape. I recommend it to everyone.

I guess my point is that we need to take care of ourselves to feel better and live longer. I'm trying but I'm not always sure I am going in the right direction.


Charmine's Hope said...

Go Caroline! I will never be perfect- cutting down on red meat, back and forth on the smoking, and I'm sure I can't ever quit cheese. I do however, do the best I can to try and pay attention to how and what I eat. I don't drink nowhere near as heavily, and I am trying to solve the stress problem. I need a divorce! Once I get freed up from some husband baggage, these other things will start to fall in place again. My big thing is not to cause stress by worrying about all the things that I should be doing, as that won't help either.

Sasha Broad said...

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