Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting in shape

This year I wanted to get in shape. I think I wanted to do this each year for the past several years. As we approach the end of January, I am still working on getting in shape. (Yes I know you don't wake up one day 'in shape' but you have to keep working at it.) And I am not happy to report that the 25 lbs that I have been working on getting rid of are still staying attached to me.

Well apparently there are several things I need to take into account.

1. I have to change what I eat - I am trying to do this. More fruit, more vegetables, and lean protein. I think I eat pretty well actually.

2. My workout isn't fun. Well actually it is. I used to try to walk every day. Now with my schedule and the snow on the ground, I have been going to my exercise class twice a week where I am the only student and the instructor and I chat through the entire class. I also walk more with other people instead of being out on my own.

3. I am only doing cardio - not true. See note about class above.

4. My goal is unrealistic - to lose 25 lbs, be able to bend without pain, and to have Michelle Obama's toned arms? Well I also want to be taller, thinner and younger...

So, maybe that article isn't what's wrong with my workout plan. Then I found this list of the 51 fastest fat burners. This isn't going to work for me either. I don't have the coordination or the ability for a lot of these. My physical limitations go into play here.

Because I can't get the flab to leave my body with my current efforts, I have so many limitations, and I have learned from my exercise class that some one on one with a professional might help me. I am taking the drastic results of joining an expensive gym.

I have belonged to the local Gold's Gym for the past ten years and used it off and on depending on my work schedule, health, etc. I haven't been there since last March when a session of treadmill for ten minutes and trials on three different bicycles and two ellipticals resulted in back pain and nothing else. I will cancel that membership today and stop by the new gym and join it on Monday.

This new gym is my last resort in getting in shape. If this doesn't work, I will resign myself to flabbiness for life. The secret to this gym is it is owned by three physical therapists. When you join the gym you get a one hour session for full evaluation and then you sit down with a physical therapist and they set up a custom exercise plan for you. Then every three months they update your plan.

I stopped by once just after I sprained my ankle and was rejected by them and told to come back when my ankle was healed. Its almost finally done. I think one more cortisone injection in March and I am finally done. A few weeks ago, I got some weights from a woman who has MS and recommended the gym for me. Then I stopped by the gym this week and two of the members recommended the gym to me as well.

Maybe I'll be able to post again in a few weeks that I am finally losing more weight and Michelle Obama's toned arms are in my future.


Anonymous said...

yes its true ,but going to gym and going on diet ,does it really work.seems like it is working for you,keep it up.i am starting gym to ,hope will lose weight:-)
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Atlanta plastic surgery said...

There is no use in setting unrealistic goals because they do not materialize and the end result is null and void.Better set achievable goals which can be met and then improved upon from there.

nancyspoint said...

Great post! I want to get in better shape too, no I need to! Now it's vital for increasing my survival odds. What happened to January? I need to get moving...

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