Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow - a different perspective

Around here the snow banks are piling up significantly and there is another storm due for tomorrow with another 6-10" of winter fun. Just after Christmas, I blogged about the snow storm. Well that was several snow storms ago.

A few years ago after a snowstorm I would be happy to go out and play in the snow - ski, snowshoe, etc. Now I can't. It makes my back hurt. And I am worried that if I fell skiing, especially down hill skiing, I would do more damage to my back. I did try snowshoeing last weekend and it was a success as I thought - it made my back hurt for a few days. But it was fun while I was doing it.

Last Friday's storm started in the morning and intensified and then moved out in the afternoon. My husband made it to work where he stayed all day. I was basically stuck at home. There is a difference between being able to work at home and being forced to work at home. Then I can't shovel to get my car out and go anywhere when it stops. I have to wait until my husband comes home and digs me out. I can't walk in loose snow as it makes my back hurt. I am trapped and at the mercy of others. I don't like this.

Tomorrow I am preparing to be stuck again. I do have work to do but I will have to come up with more projects or something. Today the storm is supposed to start in late afternoon and be the worst between 8pm and 6am. If the roads get cleared out I might be able to get to work in the afternoon. Yesterday I drove to work in the snow - with a lot of morons. I don't wish to repeat that anytime soon.

Maybe I should move some place warm. Maybe I just need a vacation.


WhiteStone said...

Ummm, Snow! Yep, we have plenty of it! Just hoping to get through from one storm to the next. Thankfully, we know that springtime ALWAYS returns!

Charmine's Hope said...

Oh that would make me crazy cooped up! I have a good 4 wheel drive, so my driveway isn't an issue. Unless of course it is a warm winter day, and I want to go for a motorcycle ride. THEN I'm screwed, as my driveway is mud and/or ice. If I could only get to the highway I'd be fine!

GoDog Media said...

Way to go keep it up! You have an incredible blog... Hoping you post this to help support John.

Good Karma too you...

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