Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday morning I made a significant mistake. I tried to emulate a normal human being and pull the top blanket back over me (after being stolen by my husband) using my right arm. Don't ask. Why should I think I am normal? Instantly my left shoulder, on my shoulder blade blossomed into a huge wall of pain. I had to lie still and breathe slowly and quietly. It didn't subside. Finally I tried moving a tiny bit, and then a bit more, and more. I rolled over enough for my husband to massage it which helped. After taking a shower and running hot water on it, popping a pain pill and applying two lidoderm patches, I felt like I could survive the day. I did. I survived. I lasted the day.

Today I feel okay but there is looming pain in there. So what am I doing? I am going to stand at a trade show all day. I am sure I will feel wonderful tonight. This is complicated by the fact that my husband is not feeling well and was up all night (penance for yesterday's blanket theft?) and as a result, I was up several times as well. I feel wonderful.

Tonight we will have left overs for dinner. There are lots in the fridge and I won't have to cook anything. I am sure I will have back pain today so I will bring pain pills and lidoderm patches with me. As well as a lot of optimism.

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