Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dont believe everything you read

Today is the day which has been predicted by some (little religious cult/Christian radio station who wanted to make headlines and blamed it on the bible) that the world would come to an end. Or maybe it won't. I'm voting for it not happening and I've got the Huffington Post on my side to prove it. I mean if the world was going to end:

- Why do we have milk that won't expire until tomorrow?
- Sarah Palin isn't president
- and the Mayans never said so

Go read the rest for some humor to start your day. A big case for not believing what you read.

Other things not to believe on the internet:

- Medical advice for any site which is selling a product to cure you.
- Medical details from non-medical professionals. Someone's blog (even mine), Facebook page, tweet, etc tell about their version of the medical adventure but that is only what happened to them. You are different. It may not work for you.

Anyway, I am cynical and tired this morning. I have a LOT to do this weekend - work related. My toe hurts. I went to a church dinner last night and ate some yummy home made food, aside from feeling fat as a result, my back hurts from sitting in a folding church. My antibiotics are playing games with my stomach and digestive system - I hate that. Oh, I am overscheduled. Is that news?

Today I have a non profit event this morning and am bringing almost everything for it. Afterwards I need to go to the office and drop off everything and get the materials ready for the next event next week end that I can't attend. Then I need to put in the final edits for a newsletter and produce it, put it up on the website and into electronic format to be distributed. I also need to get an updated copy of our database uploaded. Finally I have some paperwork to finish up. After all that I will go to the gym, the farm stand for vegetables and some annuals, and it will probably be dinner time.

That part is true. That is my day and its supposed to be a weekend where I can rest.

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