Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its 'Insert Event Here' Season and the money goes where?

Every spring seems to explode with fundraising events, everywhere. Relay for Life from the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Komen Walk, Avon Walk, Pan Mass Challenge, local hospital 5K walk, etc. There are walks, rides, spinathons for everything under the sun these days. These are great events where funds are raised for awareness, a charity, or any number of other causes. They get people out to help others.

I have participated in a variety of these events in the past, volunteered with others, and helped coordinate others. They take a lot of effort to put together. They do a lot of good. But the question is where does the money go?

Chances are if its a national organization the money is going to help for a national awareness, research program, or something else outside of your community. Even at some local events the money ends up being spent elsewhere.

I think we always want to help our friends in their efforts to raise money. But we always should ask ourselves, where does the money go? Some large non profits can be thought of as fundraising machines. They have fundraising down pat. Their annual events raise a lot of money and do a lot of good.

But there are lots of smaller organizations right in your home town that shouldn't be overlooked as well. They can be a local no-kill shelter, support group program, children's bereavement center, etc. These types of local groups often are just as much in need of funds as the national organizations but don't have the budgets to be as organized as the national ones. As a result they are often overlooked by donors who get bombarded by the national organizations and skip the local ones.

Being a locavore means eating locally grown foods. How about trying to be a localdonor and giving locally instead of nationally to help the smaller organizations?

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