Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lessons from preschool - sharing is good

Medical researchers who didn't learn sharing and playing well with others need to go back to preschool to try again. There is a new study on medical studies. (Just what we need - a study on studies. What's next - a study on a study on studies?)

Anyway, it says that the proximity of people has a correlation with increased significant breakthroughs in research. I live outside Boston which is a pretty geeky city and full of medical research. It turns out more medical breakthroughs happen here than elsewhere because people are so close together. And when people share buildings there are more collaborations. And when they share floors and talk in hallways and elevators, there are even more.

Back in January, I think I blogged about the Broad Institute and how it is a new place full of collaboration in medical research. And now this study validates what they are doing there.

Sharing ideas is important. Talking to others is important. But I think researchers spend lots of time working in labs doing research, which is why they are paid to be there, but maybe they need to talk to others. So basically if you do research you should talk to people in elevators and hallways. There are lots of us out there waiting (im)patiently for more significant breakthroughs.

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