Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second opinions

I am not a big fan of second opinions. I always feel like I am sneaking around my doctor's back to ask someone else if they were right. I know some people who get them routinely on just about everything. Me I have enough doctor appointments already not to want to go to any more. Sometimes my doctors send me off to see other doctors.

Apparently there are times to get a second opinion - like when you get a nasty medical diagnosis. For me it was easy, where I am treated once you get a cancer diagnosis, you get to have a day of 'being poked and prodded' by multiple doctors. In my case it was a surgeon, a medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist and finally a social worker to tell me I wasn't losing it.

Anyway, if the news from one doctor isn't good there is always the option of finding a doctor you prefer to treat you.


nancyspoint said...

I agree with you, I don't always get second opinions, I have more than enough appointments for first opinions. I do, however, get them if I feel a need. Regardless, I think it's ok to take time and think things through before jumping into major decisions. And sometimes this does mean seeking out another opinion. It's usually time well spent.

COACCHIC said...

Now I just hate going to the doctor period....I think my doctors are getting annoyed..lol! I have been going through this since 2007 and I think I need a vacay..lol!

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