Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yesterday was a bad day so apparently I am crabby

I had a bad day yesterday. It was long, eventful, stressful, and tiring. My husband keeps telling the cat to avoid me because I am being crabby - even though I fed the cat and made lunch for my husband.

Yesterday morning I woke up starving, wanting breakfast, and couldn't eat, even have coffee because I had a fasting blood test before my 830 doctor appointment. I got up, fed the cat and made lunch for my husband, and was starving. I finally took a shower before getting dressed. My big toe on my left foot has been bugging me for a few days so I took a look at it after getting out of the shower. It was infected. I mean there was (yucky) pus next to my toe nail. I don't consider that something one wants to see. Crap.

I went to the hospital for my blood test and grabbed coffee and a banana (as a crabbiness reduction attempt) and called my doctor's office to be seen the same day. I got a 915 am appointment which fit nicely after my previously scheduled 830 appointment. At my 830 appointment my meds therapist wanted to know why I didn't want to increase the dose of one of my meds. I said I prefer to take fewer instead of more medications and if I am doing fine at one dose then why change it? She thought I should increase it, I disagreed. Then I realized there were refills available at the original low dose that she had ordered previously. Call me cranky but I don't want more drugs.

Then I went off to see the doctor about my toe. Its infected - now that's news (I saw it). But she said I had gotten it before it went wild. So I have to soak it twice a day in warm water, keep it covered with bacitracin or something and a bandaid and take an antibiotic for the next 7 days. If its not better in a week, call back for a follow up with a podiatrist and he can cut away at my toe. Oh joy! That sounds like some much (not) fun!

On my way home from the hospital, I stopped at medical records to (stupidly) pick up my test results from all the tests I have had recently. They did have the results of my fasting blood test from that morning which was good. This is what I found out. My mammogram was fine - but I already knew that. My bone density scan shows that I am once again back in osteopenia land after successfully leaving it two years ago. I have lots of good cholesterol and only a little of bad cholesterol. I have my EKG but haven't deciphered it yet but my doctor said it was fine but fast. I want to figure out the notes from when they compared it to my last one.

Once I got home I realized that I had not received my full blood count test results. But since I have another appointment today I can stop by and get it - and then it showed up in the mail. That was full of all sorts of nice news such as my blood counts are finally returning to the pre-chemo levels. My thyroid levels are back into low normal but we are still adjusting them.

Then I worked from home, met a friend for coffee, stood in a giant line picking up three prescriptions and rushed to PT. After that I came home did more work and had a conference call for volunteer work for an hour when all I wanted to do was go to bed early.

So the result of yesterday is I have another prescription to take, 2 new issues - infected toe and osteopenia, and have a bruise from this week's blood test growing on top of the bruise from last week's blood test.

Maybe because it has now rained for 6 days in a row is why I am cranky. But I also would prefer to get healthy.


nancyspoint said...

Sometimes it's just fine, even necessary, to be cranky. That's what I tell myself anyway! Hope the toe gets matter. Sunshine will probably help with the crankiness too!

Anonymous said...

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