Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life in a paranoid society

I go to the gym - the new high tech, cool gym, where I don't stand around like an idiot looking at the machines trying to figure out how to use them - and everyone there carries around the sanitary wipes to protect from germs. So I don't look like an idiot, I use them too but I really don't think they do much more than move the germs around... My theory is I wash my hands before I work out and after. A little soap and water goes further than the little wipe things.

If you ride a subway, bus, or any other public transportation (taxi anyone?), think about the germs you touch, breath, etc. Or grocery carriages? Or entrance and exit doors to buildings? Or those wheel chairs at hospitals and airports? Or... and the list goes on.

Then its headlines that a hospital notifies people of TB exposure - that's almost as important as a data breach at a bank. Or you hear about cases of measles, HIV, head lice, or other contagious diseases. And what does it do? Make us all paranoid. We are going to get a germ and DIE! We are doomed! No need to wait for the real Rapture, a germ will get us in the meantime. (Did you scratch your head after I said 'head lice'?)

Personally I don't think a little dirt or germs really hurt us. They allow us to build up some natural immunities which protect us from the really nasty stuff. I mean there is no need to hang out with someone with the flu but there is also no need to go overboard with disinfectants. And they are only building disinfectant resistant germs anyway.

But yes it is all in your head, they are not out to get us. If you don't believe me, I'll cough some cancer cooties in your direction.


COACCHIC said...

lol! Sad to say I am becoming a germaphobe....I am constantly asking my husband have you washed your hands....sanitized! he is getting sick of!
I have just started my blog and I am having fun;o)
I enjoy reading your blogs...great stuff;o)

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