Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It all catches up sometimes

Today is the day I haven't been looking forward to, or maybe I have been looking forward to. I will spend the morning at doctor appointments.

My first stop is my back pain doctor where I can tell him in some ways my back is better these days between my new meds and the additional exercise I have been getting at the new gym I am going to. That should be okay. I have a few areas of concerns with my back but overall I'm doing okay.

My next stop involves a heavy dose of scanxiety as it is my annual mammogram. I was stupid (I have to stop doing this to my self but since I have this lovely blog I can look up my thoughts from anytime in the past four years.) But I digress, I was stupid, I looked up my results from last year's mammogram and some calcifications were found and while the radiologist recommended follow up in six months my surgeon thought they were nothing and said I could wait a year. And that is now year is up.

My third stop is a bone density scan. This will involve another change of clothing into a lovely set of pjs and robe (why don't I just wear my own?) for a two minute bone density scan to see if my osteopenia has returned.

Finally, if I am still on schedule, I meet with my primary care physician where I get to go through all my tiny list of medical issues/problems. Its not that long a list, but its not that short. I consider them issues and I don't think she can necessarily tell me they are normal. Actually I am quite firm in my stance that I want answers and not to be told 'well that sometimes happens to people'. I want to know why things happen to me. I realize somethings occur without any significant cause but I am pretty firm that I need to know more.

I think I am taking this stance because of the idiotic Dr. B I met with who told me he was collecting cases of hypertension with a secondary cause over the years and I clearly was not one. I was just fat, lazy, ate too much prepared food and salt. It is becoming clearer now that he was wrong, I do have something going on - probably related to my thyroid - that he ignored. He did upset me and I now realize I am overreacting to the whole situation.

Anyway, that will be my morning. If I am still sane by the end of it, I will go to the gym to destress. Then I will go out to dinner with a friend and get to complain about it too.

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