Friday, August 26, 2011

Again I am not inspired

I am not feeling inspired this morning. Maybe because I have attempted to be a normal person for the past few days by working full days and then doing things in the evening other than sitting like a blob in front of the TV with my laptop. That cat likes me better when I spend a lot of time doing that.

I was so tired yesterday I wanted to go home from work and take a nap. Well, I got to lie down for half an hour and then go out to dinner with my family. Then when we got home my back hurt and I couldn't fall asleep so I took a pill and did sleep and feel somewhat better today. But of course something has to hurt - my tennis elbow is acting up so I am typing with a stupid wrist brace which leads to frustration and typos.

I did want to sleep late today but we are having a home energy inspection where our house will be checked for any way we can have energy savings. We already have new windows and use CFL bulbs but we have no idea what we have for insulation and our water heater is well aged and due to go shortly. A little professional advice might be helpful here. But I will have to take lots of notes so my little chemo brain doesn't have to remember everything. And I will NOT sign up for any expensive work to be done without consulting with my husband first. The good side is if we do any of the work they want, we get a 75% rebate up to $2000 if the work is done this year. Not that we have any spare cash because of vacations and kitchen upgrades. We'll just have to see what they say.

My level of inspiration is also lowered by the fact that my back hurts (what a surprise), I have yet another stupid skin rash (a souvenir of chemo), and there is a little bitty storm headed our way which will ruin all weekend plans of going to the beach. Maybe I should just take a nap and forget about everything but I have work to do meeting a friend for a walk, and then acupuncture for my elbow.

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